Dragon Biomass – Low Cost Heat

Front-viewDragon Biomass has been building biomass boilers for more than 30 years.

For over 30 years Dragon have developed heating systems to efficiently burn by-products from industry, farms and commercial enterprises. The hot water produced is used to replace fossil fuel for all kinds of heating and drying applications. They are built in Lincolnshire by our own team of skilled fabricators to the highest standards using the best materials. We pressure test them during construction to 2.5 bars (50% higher than required)to ensure many years of low cost heat.

We have developed our heaters by listening to our cutsomers requirements. We are able to burn difficult fuels such as woodchip and sawdust, in a rotary hearth. We can even factory-fit all the system inside an ISO shipping container to minimise work and allow for seasonal relocation.