dragon-5A thermostatically controlled fan maintains your target temperature and by adding a timer, you can ensure hot water when you need it.


The Dragon should be sited, inside or outside, near your fuel store and the water piped to your property. Site the Dragon on a concrete base sloping 20mm from back to front. The pipes should be one size larger than the largest in the existing system. Your plumber will calculate pump and pipe size.

Underground pipes should be in an 800mm trench with suitable vents on both sides. The best pipes are complete with insulation and available from Dragon, an alternative is to bury the flow and return pipes in a 100mm soil pipe to ensure they are kept dry.


About once a week the 4% of ash will need removing – it is a good potash fertiliser. Keep the flue clean, particularly the top, where tarring begins as gases approach dewpoint, there is no need for expensive engineers to maintain your Dragon.

Build to last

Check the furnace thickness on the specification page to see why many Dragons are still going strong after 25 years. The overall robust construction will give years of low cost heat and all your hot water.