Insulated Flues

dragon-19A good quality, insulated flue will maintain flue gas temperature and minimise tarring. The most popular flue is twin walled, sectional stainless steel that can be easily erected. A pumice liner is an alternative which can be bricked around to match your property.

The prevailing wind, the contours of the land, adjacent buildings and clumps of trees can prevent the gases clearing. It is usually sufficient to build the flue 1.2 meters above the obstruction to avoid complications.

EG Measure from the floor to the ridge of the adjacent building, deduct the height of your chosen heater and add 1200 mm to give the length required.

We can supply a flue starter pack including an appliance connector, a top stub plus 3m of flue and the connecting collars and wall brackets. Further one metre lengths can be added as required.

Accumulator Tanks

There will be very little smoke from a Dragon if the fuel is burnt quickly, however this can give more heat than you need. By using an accumulator (or buffer tank) the fuel is burnt briskly and the heat is stored until required. It may avoid late night and week-end loading.


Black smoke can occur when burning quantities of painted or treated timber, due to unburned material escaping with the hot gases. A gas or oil-fired afterburner ensures all gases reach 850C for 2 seconds to complete combustion. This component is necessary for incinerating cattle, sheep and veterinary waste.

Air Knife

Ideal for tightly packed big bales, the fire is started at the top of the bale. The air input also starts at the top and is lowered over a pre-selected time span. This gives a cleaner combustion as the gases are not impeded by the bulk of the bale. The air knife must be specified at the time of purchase.

Emissions and Legislations

Check with your local authority that you are not in a smoke controlled zone. The only legislation on installations under 400kw, is that smoke must not be a nuisance. When burning damp fuel the moisture must be driven off as white steam, Black smoke is incomplete combustion or inappropriate fuel but this is allowed for 20 minutes after re-loading until heat is restored. Smoke can be reduced by fitting an accumulator tank or after-burner.